Why Safety Compliance is Paramount for Electrical Contractors


Failure to ensure safety in the workplace can cost you a fortune. That’s the clear message of this article.

It tells us about the hefty $300,000 AUD fine slapped on to 3 Point Electrics Pty Ltd for a work-related accident that resulted in an apprentice fatality. “WorkSafe Victoria found that the company had no Safe Work Method Statement prepared for the work the employee was undertaking, which exposed him to a risk of death or serious injury from electric shock or electrocution,” reads the article.

This article also links us to safety protocols that aim to help contractors remain compliant to the country’s safety codes. It’s worth the read so don’t hesitate to click on the link.

It was a preventable loss of life which is a huge tragedy for the industry. We at Todays Electrician Magazine are hoping that these fatalities completely stop soon.

Read the source article at Health & Safety Handbook