Why Home Renovations are the Perfect Opportunity to Do Electrical Upgrades


Here’s a good article to start off the week! When people plan a home renovation, they’re usually thinking of improving the aesthetic and livability of their house. But hardly anyone thinks of doing electrical upgrades All Round Electrical talks about how home renovations are in the fact the perfect time to get those electricals up to date.

Here’s something I found interesting:

If you find that the plugs fall out of the outlet when you plug in an appliance, it means they need replacement. The outlet needs to grip the plug when it’s inserted into the holes, If the clip that holds the plug wears out, it can cause the plug to slip out and fall. This kind of situation can result in sparking and is also a potential fire hazard and you should get your electrician to replace then without delay.

 Hmmm, this sounds like it’s time for me to get an electrical upgrade! Want to know more? Read the full article for details.

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