Some Telltale Signs That Your Potential Hire Isn’t What He’s Cracked Up To Be


We’re lucky to have stumbled upon this article from Lifestyle Tradie because we immediately thought that it would be great to share here. It’s called 6 Red Flags That Signal Your Potential New Hire Might Become the Next Fire...

In it, we learn a couple of insights on hiring. Here’s one of them that we really thought was fascinating especially in today’s employment landscape:

And with everyone posting even the most minute details all over Facebook and Instagram for everyone to see, its no wonder why they do.

Seeing images and posts from your tradie can give you a massive insight into their life! Everything from what they like to do on the weekend, who they’re friends with, where they’ve worked, and much more can be found online, allowing you to determine if you think the tradie would fit in with yours and your business’s values.

For more interesting tips like this one, check out the rest of the potentially helpful article…

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