Solar Homes Are Looking at Batteries To Combat Cut Feed-In Tariffs


One of the most compelling reasons for getting solar panels installed on your home is the feed-in program where the government has to buy the excess energy that the system produces. However, since the Tasmanian cut the feed-in tariff in half, owners of these systems have grown more and more frustrated. 

Ellen Coulter of ABC News Australia gives us a glimpse of this problem. “They have been on a transitional feed-in rate for five years, but that’s now ended and the rate, set by the Economic Regulator, is about 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour,” she writes.

For the longest time, owners have used these tariffs to pay for the system installation. Now though, some are considering installing batteries to keep the energy for themselves.

It’s an interesting trend that we at Today’s Electrician need to keep our eyes on. We may just have to dust off our battery installation skills soon.

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