Handling a Customer That Doesn’t Prioritize Safety


Have you read this article from Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine? It’s titled, The Unsafe Customer and we thought we should let you know about it.

In it, we get to read about an all too familiar scenario at work where safety is relegated to the back burner. Here’s a relatable quote from the piece that we found really gripping:

Production managers push the repair technicians to cut corners. They are actually told not to “waste time” locking out disconnects. When they are trying to work, production managers hover over them and tell them to hurry. The general attitude is that safety gets in the way. Even your own people have been chided for “wasting time” and “setting a bad example.”

On how to handle these situations, give the rest of this EC&M article a quick read…

Read the source article at ecmweb.com