Famous People you didn’t know were Electricians!


We would all be lost without electricians. Let’s be honest, electricity runs everything in our life and they’re our heroes when it isn’t running. But, some sparkies decided to follow a different career path. Here are some famous electricians that you may not have known
learnt the trade.

1. Rowan Atkinson
He’s a legend when it comes to comedy, best known for his roles in Black Adder and Mr Bean, Atkinson studied electrical engineering at Oxford before turning his career 180 degrees to comedy and acting.

2. George Harrison
The lead guitarist for the Beatles was an apprentice electrician after he left school at 16. The musician then took a turn in his career when he became apart of one of the biggest bands in history.

3. Elvis Presley
Although he may not have been an actual electrician, Presley would have picked up a few tricks of the trade after working as an electrician’s helper in 1954. He delivered supplies to worksites and had eventually hoped to have trained to be an electrician. Little did he know he was destined to be a heartthrob.

4. Todd Murphy
Brisbane Broncos halfback worked as an electrician whilst playing at various clubs before getting the tap on the shoulder for the Brisbane Broncos. “I have worked as an electrician, so I know what it’s like to work” Murphy told NRL News.

5. Alfred Hitchcock
His films have stood the test of time and remain some of the most beloved movies, but little do many know he was once an apprentice electrician. Hitchcock worked as an electrician before becoming a film director, and clearly his early electrifying career translated across to his hair-raising films.

6. Albert Einstein
We all know him as a genius, which may have become apparent in his early days when being an electrician wasn’t challenging enough for him, given the brain power necessary for the job. Einstein’s first job was laying cables and hanging lights for the first ever Oktoberfest with his uncle and father.

7. Sir Bobby Charlton
One of the UK’s most famous footballers originally began in a career as an apprentice electrical engineer. Although he was well known within the football world, he would often take up the trade once again in the off season as back then football didn’t pay as well as it does now.

8. Liam Cunningham
Best known for his roles on Game of Thrones and Clash of the Titans, Cunningham worked as an electrician when he left school and continued to work in Africa repairing lighting in a safari park. He also trained other electrical apprentices in Zimbabwe after his stint in the safari park.