Electricians in High Demand Across the Country


“Electricians are in hot demand, with jobs for the tradies increasing by as much as 66 per cent in the past year,” writes Melanie Burgess.

In this article, she discusses how in each region, the trend is pointing north. The data, coming from career advice company SEEK, suggests that it might be a good time to learn some electrical trade skill. Especially, in certain regions where there the unfulfilled demand is quite high.

These regions are suffering because of the high prices and low supply of qualified tradies. For some whose jobs are time intensive, they’d settle for untrained tradies looking for a quick buck. This is a potentially dangerous proposition that we at Today’s Electrician Magazine cannot ever condone.

If you wish to know more about which specific electrical jobs are in especially high demand, don’t hesitate to click on the link below.

Read the source article at The Weekly Times